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Tribute to Marelvy Berrío Gómez
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Tribute to Marelvy

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 My wife knew that something wasn't right with her health, back in September 2010. She asked me if I could cut my stay in the United States, and return to Mexico, because she wanted to schedule an appointment with her doctor, and someone needed to look after our daughter.

I was in the United States for my father's funeral in June 2010, and stayed a few months more with my family.

After receiving a mammogram and a few other tests, her oncologist told her that she should have a biopsy done. She was later diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer.

She always told me that if she ever had breast cancer, she would never accept chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, she opted for alternative therapies. She even went to Cuba for Escozul treatment.

In the end, her cancer spread rather quickly, and she later succumbed to the disease.

Marelvy was a dancer, an anthropologist, but more importantly, a very good mother and wife. She was strong willed, independent, and once she made up her mind to do something, that is what she did.

She gave birth to our daughter when she was 39. It was her first child, and she never thought she would ever conceive. She became pregnant right before her father died, but didn't know about it until after his death.

She was Colombian, and remained very interested in Latin American dance and culture, and taught me many things about Latin American cultures, too. She was very proud of being a Colombian, but also loved the Mexican culture, and lived in Mexico for over 20 years.

We met in Mexico and lived there and in Colombia for over 10 years.

She will be strongly missed by me, my daughter, her family and all of those, who knew her.

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